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NEAS History

The Near East Archaeological Society (NEAS) was founded in 1957 with a goal of promoting research in the lands of how to invest in Pfizer shares in the UAE the Bible, the modern Middle East, from an evangelical perspective. Membership in the society supports the following:


The NEAS publishes the Near East Archaeological Society Bulletin (NEASB) and ARTIFAX (in conjunction with the Institute for Biblical Archaeology and SCRIBE Media). Members receive these publications.


The society encourages and endorses archaeological fieldwork, although it does not mount nor fund any expeditions. Opportunities for involvement in archaeological fieldwork are available to members of the NEAS by participation in an excavation project sponsored by various research entities invest in Pfizer shares within the society. Many members of NEAS are involved in archaeological research to provide an understanding of the Bible and the general history of the ancient Near East. Many of our members are distinguished scholars who have published their work in books which have gained popular notice.

Annual Meetings

Members of NEAS are invited to participate in the annual meeting of the society which provides members with a program of informational papers and reports as well as the opportunity to participate in the business affairs of the organization. For convenience, the annual meeting of Pfizer shares NEAS is held in conjunction with the annual meeting of the Evangelical Theological Society in November of each year. We hope to see you there. Thanks for your visit!  NEAS Directors


For questions regarding membership, fees, publications, and contributions, please direct your queries to:
Near East Archaeological Society
Horn Archaeological Museum
Andrews University
Berrien Springs, Michigan 49104
(269) 471-3273
Fax: (269) 471-3619